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How it Works:


  • On week One we will do our baseline test to get your Short Game Handicap. The test will cover 9 different shots where the closer you hit the ball to the flag, the more points you score and the lower your handicap will be.


  • There will be a re-test on weeks 5, 8 and the final test will be on week 12. These tests are there to help us track your progress and to help you learn how to play under pressure


  • On the weeks in between we will be going over the different shots that are covered in the test. This will include chipping, pitching, bunkers, distance wedges and the Flop Shot

12 Week Short Game Challenge

Enrolment Closed

During this Challenge we are going to improve your Short Game Skills so that you develop huge amounts of confidence around the greens and become the player you've always wanted to be


Dates & Pricing

Week 1 - Test Week 

Weds 21st Sept 9.30am & 2.00pm

Week 2 -

Mon 26th Sept 12.00pm & Weds 28th 9.30am

Week 3 - 

Weds 5th Oct 9.30am & 2.00pm

Week 4 - 

Mon 10th Oct 12.00pm & Weds 12th Oct 9.30am

Week 5 - 

Mon 17th Oct 12.00pm & Weds 19th 9.30am

Week 6 - 

Mon 24th Oct 12.00pm & Weds 26th 9.30am

Week 7 - 

Mon 31st Oct 12.00pm & Weds 2nd Nov 9.30am

Week 8 - 

Monday 7th Nov 12.00pm & Weds 9th Nov 9.30am

Week 9 - 

Mon 14th Nov 12.00pm & Weds 16th Nov 9.30am

Week 10 - 

Mon 21st Nov 12.00pm & Weds 23rd Nov 9.30am

Week 11 - 

Mon 28th Nov 12.00pm & Weds 30th Nov 9.30am

Week 12 - 

Monday 12th Dec 12.00pm & Weds 14th Dec 9.30am

Pricing - 12 Week Course of Group Sessions


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