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It’s Masters Week

It’s one of my favourite weeks of the year and I can’t wait to spend the next four days sat in front of the tv, there are some advantages to lockdown! I’m excited to see who is going to be the winner on Sunday evening, will Bryson overpower Augusta or will Rory finally get hold of his first Green Jacket and his final major of the Grand Slam? Who do you think will win?

We’ve now been in Lockdown 2.0 for a week and I have to admit I’m missing golf. Before golf was stopped again, I’d been getting out to play regularly with friends and clients and I was playing some nice golf. Myself, Daniel, Ash, Mitch and my friend Alex all managed to get out last Wednesday at 3pm for a final game, yes I know a 5 ball, but we were the last group out. Playing for £10 a man over 9 holes, I managed to birdie holes 1 & 2 to take an early lead and followed up with another on the 4th. Things weren’t over though, with Mitch making birdie at 5,6 and 8 to tie the lead going down 9. Ash was making steady pars, 9 in a row, Alex was playing nicely off of his handicap but Daniel had a bad day at the office, think it may have been the Guinness! Down the 9th I managed to up and down from short of the left bunker and Mitch missed his par putt handing me the win. Thanks for the money boys!

Since then I’ve been keeping myself busy by trying to get stronger and fitter, I want to hit the ball like Bryson! I’m not quite sure I have it in me to put on that amount of muscle but I’m going to give it a go. What have you been working on at home for your golf? Have you read any articles, watched any Youtube videos or read a great golf book?

I am also looking towards the future by doing a little self reflection to see what I can improve upon going forward but also to appreciate how lucky I am at work and more importantly my home life. Sometimes I think we all need some time out to be able to check in with ourselves and appreciate what we have. It’s so easy to pick up our smart phones and scroll through social media, looking at what others have, where they are and compare ourselves to them. But remember you only see what social media wants you to see, so don’t believe it all. Instead why not cut down on the screen time and talk to each other, read a book, go on a walk (without your phone) swing a club or do some chipping or putting at home.

We may not be at the golf club at the moment, but golf will return. In the mean time if you want to drop me an email, or message to chat Golf or anything please do.

Have a great Masters week!

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