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GOLF is BACK! - Time to look to the future

The end of Lockdown 2.0 is in sight, HOORAY!!

As of next Wednesday we will all be allowed back out to play, so lets hope that the weather holds up and we can dust our clubs off in a little sunshine, even if it is a little cold. I can't wait to get back out and play, but I'm anticipating that I'm going to be a little rusty, having not picked up a club in a month. Sometimes a break away isn't a bad thing as you won't be going back out with too higher expectations for your game, but when you do get back to play, make sure that you enjoy yourself and don't let bad shots annoy you... too much.

I do think that now is the time for us to be looking towards next years season and start looking at our goals and what we'd like to achieve. Winter time is the ideal time to be working at our games so that we are ready for when the season gets back underway in the spring. Now I know what your thinking, its cold, its dark early, I don't have the time, well there are plenty of things you can do to improve your game this winter.

Goal Setting

The first thing you need to do is come up with is a clear set of goals of what you want to achieve. Once you have that goal or goals, write them down on a post it note and stick it up somewhere that you'll see everyday as this will help you to stay focused.

Now there are a few things that these goals need to have, they need to have real purpose - why do you want to achieve this goal? - and they need to be your goals and no one else's. Your goals also need to be SMART.

SMART Goal System

The SMART goal system is a great way for you to make sure that you have the best goals for you, that they are trackable and achievable.

S - Specific. The more specific the better. Don't say get my handicap down, say get my handicap down by two shots by the end of July.

M - Measurable. Again the more specific the goal the easier it is to measure it. Tracking your handicap is easy enough, but are you tracking how you shoot each score? What I mean by this is is, are you keeping note or fairways hit, greens in regulations, how close your short game shots finish to the hole, how many putts you have. These stats can help you measure your gains but also help you see where you bad shots come from.

A - Achievable. Are you really able to achieve this goal or is it a little unrealistic. What steps to I need to take to get there?

R - Relevant - Is the goal you are going for worth the time and effort needed to achieve it, because if it isn't, on the days where you are struggling with motivation, will you keep striving for it?

T - Time - Your goal needs to have a time frame of when you want to achieve it by.

Have a think about what you'd like to achieve and see if you can make them SMART.

Visualise Success

Anything that is worth achieving in life is going to require a little hard work and you will need to commit yourself to getting there. I can 100% tell you now, that there will be days when you'll look at your goals and not feel like doing the work necessary (cold raining evening and you were meant to go to the range). On these days you need to employ some visualisation of you at the finish line. One of the books I've read during lockdown which gave me this idea was Jason Fox's Life Under Fire.

For those who don't know of him, he is a former UK Special forces operator and one of the DS on Channel 4's SAS Who Dares Wins program. During the book he describes his time of going through his Royal Marines Commando training which is a 32 week course of some of the toughest training in the world. When he was having a down day and struggling to see why he was putting himself through the pain, he'd visualise the final day where he would pass out and receive his Green Beret (given to you when you had passed the course) as this would remind him of his overall goal and why he wanted to keep going and it kept him in a positive head space.

Staying positive throughout is vital if you are to keep going towards achieving your goals, so keep reminding yourself of how good you are going to feel when you get there.

If you can spend 5 - 10 minutes everyday visualising yourself on your "Finish Line" it'll help you to keep going and to remind yourself of why you want to do it.

If you've got any goals that you'd like me to help you out with, then please don't hesitate to get in touch and I would be more than happy to help you plan these out.

See you soon


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