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Cool & Calm. DJ goes 20 under at the Masters

WOW how about that final day at Augusta yesterday. There were birdies, bogies and even 10's but DJ showed everyone why he is World Number 1.

Having been glued to the golf over the past 4 days ,there are a few things I noticed about how DJ cruised to victory. Most of you will know Dustin Johnson for his power, and boy he can launch it, but not many of us notice the fact that DJ hit 78.57% (44/56 and Ranked T13) of fairways over the week, he hit 83.33% of the greens (60/72 and 1st), made up and downs 75% of the time (9/12 and 4th) and was ranked T17 in putting with an average of 29.25 over the 4 days. These stats go to show how much of a well rounded golfer he has become and that he doesn't just rely on big drives to score well and I think there are plenty we can learn from his game.

One thing that DJ does is to spend over 45 minutes every practice and warm up session hitting wedge shots of varying length, and I think this is something that we can do to. I know what your thinking, "but he hits his drive so close to the greens and that is why he practices wedge play", but we all hit a lot of wedge shots from inside 100 yards so surely its something we should incorporate into our own practice time right?

Do you know exactly how far a full wedge shot goes in the air? How about a sand wedge? What about a 7.30 swing Gap wedge? If the answer is no, then I would recommend that you learn. I see a lot of people who struggle to hit the shots where you can't use a full swing, say 45 yards, so it's about putting in place a system that can help you. I help people to learn the three swing length approach, 7.30, 9.00 o'clock and full swing. These 3 swing lengths can help you to take control of those shots under 100 yards. Want to find out how? Drop me an email or message and we can help you develop a Wedge chart so you can be more like DJ.

The other big story from the Masters, other than Tiger's 10, was how Bryson DeChambeau was beaten by 63 year old Bernhard Langer over the 4 days. Is the game really all about power? Don't get me wrong, power certainly helps and who doesn't want to hit it further, but I think Langer has taught us a lesson this week, you've also got to hit the fairways as its no good chipping out from the trees. Lets compare the stats.

Langer V DeChambeau

Driving Distance:

Langer - 260y av. (ranked 60/60) v DeChambeau - 324.4y av. (ranked 1)

Driving Accuracy:

Langer - 87.5% (ranked 1) v DeChambeau - 69.64% (T35)

The stats don't lie. It's all well and good hitting it miles, but we've got to be on the right planet to score. What I think we all need is to be like DJ right now, hit both long and straight, I sure do!

See you all soon.


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