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What are You prepared to do this Year?

Have you set yourself any goals for you golf this year? Are you hoping 2019 will be better than 2018?

I hope that, like me, the answer is yes! (my goals are in the picture)

But I guess the big question is "What are you prepared to do to achieve those goals?"

Unless you are willing to invest more time in your game or to make a serious change to your golfing habits, are you really going to make any progress? The answer to that is NO!

This year, as you can see in the picture, I am trying to play more golf/ practice and I feel like I have made a solid start towards that goal. I've played 4 rounds of golf already, and I've played lots of 6 holes too. This one goal is the main one that will help me with all my others to and I am really enjoying playing!

We are now 7 weeks into 2019 and I am still going strong with my goals, but then it does help in the fact that I see my goals on the wall everyday when I arrive here at work. If you have your goals on display and clearly visible everyday for you, and others, to see you are constantly reminded of what they are and you are more likely to stick with them (mine and Ash's can be seen on the wall of our storeroom in the shop). When I get up in the mornings and I'm making tea for my wife, I will check in with my goals and what I want to achieve. This is a new habit I have formed and it is one I am really proud of.

Forming new habits and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is tough, but then if you keep pushing through, this is where the good things in life live and you find yourself having a break through moment.

So I guess the question I have for all of you is, Have you stuck to your Goals for this year? Did you given in when the weather got bad? Have you even started to make a change towards them? Remember the change needs to start with you, not anyone else, so make sure you really know what you want and remind yourself of those goals everyday and then you might just get there. But also remember its about the journey not the destination and with every trip to the driving range, or half hour of putting on the carpet, you are making progress to a better you!

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