2018 Academy - End of Season Report

What a fantastic session we had on Saturday for our final week of the 2018 Academy. The annual Kids v Adults competition saw 26 adults taking on 28 kids in a number of skills tests to see which team would come out on top. Last year the adults ran away with a convincing win over the kids, 6300 v 4210 points, but I was hoping this year would be different. Playing, chip shots, pitch shots, bunker shots and putts it was a very closely fought competition, and after 5 rounds there was 20 points separating the two teams. With only the putting round to go, the parents showed their skills off and took the win by 50 points! Next year will be different…. Maybe. Thank you to everyone who came along, golfers and non-golfers alike, it’s great to see you out there spending time with our Academy players, so you can see how they have improved and how much they enjoying coming along. Now that we have finished for this year, I think it is only right that I reflect upon a few of the great achievements that our Academy players have made throughout the year but also to give you an idea of some improvements I am planning for next year. 2018 Achievements

  • Started the year with 32 Academy players and finished with 36.

  • Overall Academy Par 3 average score in February of 20.64, Average Par 3 score in November of 18.25, a drop of 2.39 shots.

  • New Par 3 course record of 11 set by Luke Clark, 2 shots better than the previous record.

  • 12 Academy players are now members of EHGC. Between these 12, they have cut 99 shot off of their club handicaps this year alone.

  • 5 Academy players have competed in Hertfordshire Futures & iTour events.

  • In Futures Tour Events these players have achieved: 1st Nett Score, 2ndNett, 3rd Nett, 2nd Gross & 3 players in the 2’s club.

  • In iTour events these players have achieved: 1st Nett score, 2nd Nett, 3rdNett, 1st Gross & 2nd Gross.

  • Double winner of the Academy Championships: Stanley Hennessy.

  • USA Win the Academy Ryder Cup, first time we’ve had a winner.

I think that you can all see that our players have had a wonderful year, not just the ones who have joined as members. The players who have only been a part of the Academy for a short amount of time have also improved an awful lot. I have a few aims for every Academy session I run throughout the year: #1 – All children are safe. #2 – All children have fun. #3 – If I achieve 1 & 2 all children are more likely to learn and improve. 2018 has been a great year for the EHGC Academy and I have enjoyed coaching all of your children. I am one of those very fortunate people who loves their job and coaching the EHGC Academy players is the highlight of my working week. I have seen all players gain confidence in both golf but also in life, and it’s this that makes me want to improve the Academy so that we are able to help your children grow. Thank you for all of your support throughout the year as without you the EHGC Academy wouldn’t run.

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