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USA Win the Academy Ryder. First Win in 3 years!

We've had our first winning team of the Academy Ryder Cup, team USA!!

The sun was shining on us again for the Ryder Cup, played last Monday 29th October and despite the cold the teams were eager to battle it out. We had a slight change to the Ryder Cup this year, as a few of our players wanted there to be a final result, a win, rather than it finish as a draw, like the previous two years. So with this change in mind I decided to nominate two players as team captains rather than myself and Ash being captains.

Stan "The Man" Hennessy was named at Captain for Team Europe and Alfie "The Postman" Moy Captain for Team USA. The teams were then organised and matches drawn out.

The teams and matches

It was great to see 20 of our Academy players out there battling away for their respective teams and I can say that all 20 of them played some incredible shots. Match 1 was kicked of by Luke R and with all players, spectators and Team Captains there to cheer on each of the players.

There were some very hard fought games played with Henry D & Stinger halving against Rylee & Oliver C and with the two team Captains with their partners, George K and Brandon W, halving down the last. All thanks to an incredible approach from 115 yards from George K.

But overall the USA over powered their European counterparts to achieve a 4-1 victory and the first win in the 3 year history of the cup. Check out the gallery below.

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