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County Success for Academy players

What an incredible year our EHGC Academy players have had at club level but also at County level.

Throughout the year more and more of our Academy players have joined as Junior members of East Herts GC. Oliver K, Dylan H, Stanley H, Ronnie H, Bradley W, Alfie M, Austin C, Brandon W, Sam M and more, have become members of the club and this is exactly why it is important to have an Academy at golf clubs.

These juniors have been getting involved in club competitions and have been steadily improving their club handicaps throughout the year. Oliver K has cut 15 shots off his handicap, Austin C has been cut 13, Stanley H 12 shots, Alfie M 14 shots and Dylan H 11 shots. This is to name just a few!

Some of the above junior golfers have entered themselves into the Hertfordshire County iTour and Futures Tour events with great success!

Stanley H, Alfie M, Dylan H, Austin C and Oliver K all with their respective trophies!

These boys have all been working hard at their games, with regular individual lessons as well as their Academy coaching, which is a key part of their learning.

Well done to all of the Academy players who have had successes this year and roll on 2019.

Next year, 2019, the Academy will be changing its structure slightly to smaller classes, more detailed goals to aim for, new playing opportunities and more. I am currently putting this all in place.

I will be asking everyone to register for the 2019 Academy soon so keep your eyes peeled.

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