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Parent and Junior Expectations


**Parent Consent and Player Profile Form HERE**

Parent and Junior Expectations


We are honoured to have the opportunity to teach your child the great game of golf.At EHGC our three key philosophies for our junior golfers are as follows:

·Our #1 focus is instilling a love for the game of golf

·Creating an environment to learn the game, make friends and have fun

·Making champions in golf and in life

We are proud of the success we have had over the past 7 years in helping juniors in our area on their journey with golf and life. We are always looking for ways to make our programs the best for you and your junior golfer. Our team of experienced coaches wants to make the sessions the best experience for your child and give the best coaching possible.

To do this there are some clear guidelines and expectations to review for both you and your junior. This allows us to make the most out of the time we get with your junior golfer each week. Open and honest feedback is always encouraged and wanted, as we see the communication line sometimes breaks down between coach-junior-parent.

Expectations for Parent

- On time to session – Arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of class

- Call/text 01920821978 option 2 or text Gregg or Ash if you are going to be late to session

- All juniors dropped off at the Pro Shop

- Parents are asked to refrain from interacting with coaches or juniors during session

- Parents are not allowed at the back of the range during session

- Ask coaches any questions you have after the session

- Open and honest communication is vital to our success

- Please call coach if junior had an issue during a session

- Absence policy – Please email us in advance to inform us if your junior cannot attend class

- Email 24 hours prior to class starting for your 1 excused absence every 6 weeks.

- For all other absences you will be charged a session. 

- All payments MUST be made prior to the start of week 1 of every term. 

- If payment has not be received we can turn juniors away from sessions. 

- All Parents MUST complete the Player Profile/ Parental Consent Form

Expectations for Junior

- Ready for session 5 minutes prior to start time (clubs out of car, sunscreen on, etc.)

- Please have visited the restroom prior to class.

- Ready to learn and listen during session

- Safety procedures (standing in safety zones, holding club upside down, aware of others)

- NOT talking while coach is talking

- Asking questions if they do not understand, after the coach is done talking

- Encouraging teammates during games/challenges

- NO negative comments to themselves/others

- Demonstrating sportsmanship at all times win/lose

- Willing to try new things and have fun

- Be open to making new friends

At the EHGC Academy we are making champions in golf and in life, we want every junior to have a great experience while growing their love for the game of golf and making new friends. We hope that with you and your junior’s commitment to our program and reviewing these expectations together, we can keep having more fun and learning valuable life skills.

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