Individual Lessons

All of the individual lessons that I provide are tailored to you because every golfer is unique. Whether you want to work on improving your driving or iron play, to increase your sand save percentages or hole more putts, I can help you on your journey to where you want to take your golf.   


During these lessons I will use a number of tools and equipment to help you understand and consolidate the improvements that will help you play better golf. 


30 minute lessons


During a 30 minute lessons we will:


  • Meet and talk about your game and what you would like to work on.

  • Warm up on the range.

  • Film your swing or any other aspects of your game that needs help.

  • Analyse the video together.

  • Practise changes on the range using different equipment and drills.

  • See the improvement on the range.


30 minute lessons are great for golfers of all abilities especially beginners. 


60 minute lessons


60 minute lessons offer a greater variety of options available to you. During these lessons will are able to:

  • Work on similar aspects to that of a 30 minute lessons with a wider selection of your golf clubs. 

  • Cover two topics such as 1 long game aspect and one short game.

  • Greater chance to review and confirm your understanding. 

  • Work on the golf course for more experience and confidence. 


9 hole playing lessons


During a playing lesson it gives me, as a coach, the opportunity to see how you perform on the course and the chance to analyse where your strengths and areas of need are. This allows us to formulate a plan of action for your game to help speed up your path to improved scores. 

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking at making a dedicated effort to improve.