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Gregg Smith - PGA Professional

"Your style of teaching, your manners and your desire to see your students improve their games - you are unique" Mo T

“… I signed up for weekly lessons with Gregg and things started to improve   Gregg is very good at adapting his style of teaching to suit whichever person he is teaching, I have seen this first hand when I have taken part in group lessons.  His style is straight forward and easy to follow and he is very patient.


It is not just about standing on the practice range, Gregg will take me out on the course to play a couple of holes and then pick up on the little things that I am doing wrong which I can’t put my finger on and correct them.  He gives me little drills to do to get myself back on track during a round while I am waiting for my playing partners to take their shots which are extremely helpful…..


In the last year I have won a major Board Competition, cut my handicap by 5 shots, represented East Herts in the Semi Final and Final of the Pearson Trophy and played my first match for the Ladies Scratch B Team which although I didn’t win, I did manage to take the game to the 18th.  Thank you Gregg” Julie Button, September 2018


“Gregg is passionate about teaching golf, he is extremely friendly and approachable which immediately made me feel at ease. His teaching methods are easy to follow and to the point, enabling me to easily focus on key points and I can honestly say that from each lesson I have been able to quickly employ what Gregg has taught me. Pretty much every lesson has had a hallelujah moment!


Regular coaching has allowed us to work on all aspects of my game, for example; my swing, short/long chipping, bunkers and putting. As well as working on technique, Gregg’s lessons have included time out on the course which has helped with my course management - from yardages, directional setup and even some quite simple, yet extremely effective tips!     


There is always so much to learn in golf and with the right teacher, such as Gregg, I feel this can be a really enjoyable and varied process.


Since I began my lessons with Gregg, over 6 months, my handicap has come down from 16 to 10, so I’m really pleased!” Iain Murray, August 2018

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